Immune Boost for Pregnancy is designed to support optimal immune functioning and assist healthy lymphatic movement. Build your resistance with whole herbs that tonify and cleanse. Elderberry is rich in nutrients and best known for supporting optimal immune responses. Red Clover gently support the body's ability to eliminate wastes, which in turn helps support healthy immune function. Burdock root is a powerhouse of nutrients helping to remove wastes and toxins from the body.


Sleepy Nights for Pregnancy uses a carefully selected blend of gentle herbs designed to calm the mind, so that your tired body can fall asleep. Does not contain Valerian, Kava or Melatonin. Passionflower has long been used to calm anxious minds and support restful sleep. Scullcap was traditionally used by Eclectic physicians in the 19th century as a tonic to nourish the nervous system and encourage restful sleep. Milky Oats deeply nourishes your nervous system, especially when it is overworked from mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.


Stress Release for Pregnancy is a specialized formula that promotes daily serenity and relaxation. This gentle formula helps calm temporary stress, tension and emotional upset. Passionflower is incorporated to help calm anxious minds. Linden leaf and flower is known for its calming properties and have made this effective botanical popular in America and Europe for centuries. Lemon Balm leaf is used to calm the mind and support mood.

  • Helps relief temporary stress, anxiety, tension & emotional upset.*
  • Safe and gentle formulas for expecting moms and postpartum.*
  • Gentle calming nervines.*
  • Gluten-free.*

Pregnancy Wellness Pack

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