The Kitchen Sink Salad

There are no rules for salad. You can pretty much combine any kind of food, throw it in a bowl and call it a salad – as anyone growing up in the South can attest to. For those who doubt me, let me remind you of several salads you may have seen at church as a kid: pear salad, congealed salad (with or without pecans), ambrosia salad, carrot salad and many more. Basically, a salad can be any combination of foods you enjoy topped with salad dressing, vinegar, olive oil, cheese sprinkles or croutons.

The recipe for my “Kitchen Sink Salad” can contain anything in the pantry and refrigerator. My personal rules are to combine everything, add a little ranch dressing and see how it tastes. One of my favorites contains lettuce, jalapeno chips, green bell pepper, chick peas, carrots, green onions, apple slices and fresh blueberries. Sometimes I’ll even throw in some leftover lima beans or peas and meat.

Be adventurous with your next salad – try some combinations that you have never attempted before. You may even want to look up some unusual salad recipes online from a website called They feature a tomato and nectarine salad, a golden beet and lentil salad with strawberries and even a broccoli and guacamole salad. Whether you decide to use a recipe or just grab a few things from the fridge and throw it in a bowl, the variety of different food combinations can make salad more fun that ever before.

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