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The Early Days of the Shop

Before I had a physical location, I started Sweet Herat Alabama in a 1973 Airstream Tradewinds. At first I parked it in an open lot between a gas station and Taco Bell. It was not an ideal location by any means, but there were amazing people who came to shop with me anyway. I will never forget those wonderful people who were willing to check out what I was doing and who were so kind to me.

I was thinking of some of the items I had for sale then that I still have today. There are really great staples for natural health. That are available in our Amazon Storefront.

GET this now for cold and flu season. This has been my go-to for all the nasties that come in the fall and winter.

Great for focus, memory, and overall brain health.

Great for natural energy throughout the day.

Please visit the Sweet Heart Alabama Amazon Storefront for more trusted natural supplements. Thanks!

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