The CSA Comes to Greenville

Community Supported Agriculture is a popular way for consumers to buy directly from a farmer by investing in any particular growing season in advance. CSAs have been popular in larger cities for many years now, but this model is just making its way to the Greenville area. Typically, a buyer will pay for food in advance and then will receive his or her share of the farm’s yields in weekly allotments. Not only does this relationship benefit small farms by providing much needed investment money to grow their crops and raise their meat, it also provides a more traditional and sustainable model of farming that is healthier and better for the environment.

One such CSA has started in Greenville this past week thanks to Spencer Farm in Marion Junction, Alabama. A group of people from the Greenville area who are interested in buying organic vegetables and sustainably and humanely raised meat have partnered with Spencer Farm to receive weekly bags of groceries directly from the farm. This first season will consist of 9 weeks of deliveries with an initial investment of $297.00.

Along with the popularity of our Butler County Farmer’s Market, this new CSA partnership proves that more residents are interested in farm-to-table food, supporting local growers and healthier food options. The Butler County Farmer’s Market is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning through the summer. To find out more about the Spence Farm CSA, you can contact owner Chip Spencer at

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