The Argument for Natural Deodorant

Consumers are looking for more natural options for all body products these days and deodorant is a big one on that list. There are several reasons for this, including recent studies showing that aluminum salts in deodorants are the possible cause of breast cancer and dementia. One study by Dr. Phillipa Darbre that was published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry showed that the aluminum found in breast cancer patients is commonly found in the outer portion of the breast - in the areas closest to where deodorant is applied. This study and several more like it do not add up to a definitive answer as to whether or not aluminum-based antiperspirants cause breast cancer, but why take the chance?

Thanks to the demand for more natural deodorant options, several start-ups are now offering aluminum-free deodorants. There are also many recipes available on the Internet for homemade natural deodorant with ingredients that can be found in most kitchens. TV shows like Dr. Oz are showing people how to make their own natural deodorants and celebrities like Jessica Alba, Alicia Silverstone, Kristin Bell and even Courtney Kardashian are endorsing natural deodorant companies. But more than just a fad, the trend towards aluminum-free skincare products is really the result of a more informed public.

Our largest organ, the skin, is a conduit for medicines already; and if nicotine and birth control can be easily absorbed through our skin, so can other toxins. So what we put on our skin is important. And in some ways it’s even more important than watching what we eat, because everything we put on our skin gets into our body by skipping the digestive system (where more filtering could take place) and goes straight to our blood and lymphatic systems instead. If we can live without aluminum in our systems, then why add it in unnecessarily?

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