The 5 Best Natural Health Documentaries

The hardest part about changing to a healthy lifestyle is knowing where to start.

Almost everyone would like to be healthier in some way, but most people don’t

know how to do it. One way to get a new perspective on natural health and to learn

about the almost endless options is to watch a documentary. There are many great

documentaries on natural health, but here are my Top 5 for beginners.

1. Food Inc. - (2008) (available on YouTube Movies)

Food Inc. was the first documentary I ever watched on the modern industrial

food industry. It will change anyone’s perspective on how our food is made

and why it’s making us sick. This is the main documentary I suggest to

anyone who asks about healthier food options.

2. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead – (2010) (available on Amazon Prime Video and

YouTube Movies)

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documents one man’s journey to health through

juicing. He travels America teaching others how to juice and cure their

lifestyle related diseases.

3. GMO OMG – (2013) (available on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Movies)

GMO OMG has a more positive outlook on how to eat healthier, but also

shows the difficulty of finding food that is non-GMO. Most people will be

shocked at how deep genetic modification goes – even in our national park

wildlife – and one family’s quest to find unadulterated food.

4. FRESH – (2009) (available on Amazon Prime Video)

FRESH is the story of several farmers who went organic and how life changed

for them (for the better) when they did. It also educates the public on the

dangers of tainted foods thanks to factory farms.

5. Gerson Miracle – (2004) (available on YouTube)

The Gerson Method has been around for many years. Basically, it’s a way to

treat Cancer naturally invented by Dr. Max Gerson. This documentary is the

most controversial on the list, but it shows that there are several places and

doctors who are doing great work natural cancer treatments.