Thankfulness All Year

It’s that time of year when we talk about being thankful the most. We encourage children to count their blessings and even ask each other what we are thankful for during a family meal. There’s something about counting our blessings that makes us all a little happier, a little more open and loving. Now imagine if we did that every single day.

Making gratefulness a daily practice really is more than just counting blessings; it’s making a life of joy by keeping things in perspective. So often we can forget just how blessed we are unless we take the time to say a daily prayer of thanks or practice gratitude by keeping a daily journal, or both. I started this practice years ago, and it truly changed my life. There are shelves of 5 subject spiral notebooks filled with daily statements and lists of gratitude in my home, and if I ever start to complain, I can look at them on the shelf and realize that I have literally recorded thousands and thousands of things to be grateful for. That’s quite the wake-up call. And yet, there’s not enough paper in the world to write down each thing to appreciate.

My gratitude journal keeps me on track. Each page is a prayer of thanks to God who gave them to me. Before this year ends, consider getting a notebook and start recording the things that you are grateful for, the people that you love, and your blessings and prayers. I hope this daily practice will continue into 2020 so that you will have, truly, the most blessed year ahead.

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