Natural Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, the natural (and slower) way is always better than a quick fix diet. Lifestyle changes don’t really work if they’re only temporary. One thing to remember is that the food we eat is more than just calories for energy. We also have to think about the toxins, pesticides, herbicides and unknown genetic material inside that food as well. Simply put, each bite we take is either fighting disease or feeding it. When we keep this in mind, we can start on a solid foundation of natural and sustained weight loss.

The basic key to all weight loss is to eat less and move more. Sometimes we need a little help doing both beyond the motivation to live better. This is where natural supplements come in. Some herbalists suggest that after the holidays, a cleanse can be a great way to start a weight loss program. Cleanses can be liquid or supplement based depending on the type you prefer. Because cleanse programs can be expensive, it’s best to also quit fast food, sweets, sweet tea and cokes while cleansing. Increased water intake is a must during this time because toxins are being released, which can cause your body to feel tired and weak. This will happen especially when fat cells start to shrink.

Energy supplements can help with this sluggishness. Not all natural energy supplements are caffeine based; some help bring more oxygen in to the bloodstream without making the heart beat faster. Cordyceps mushroom is a great example of this. When it comes to appetite control, white kidney bean extract and other herbal blends can be very effective. Collagen supplements can also help with a weight loss program. There are enzymes and probiotics that help with belly fat and overall gut health as well. So many natural options are available as long as you do your research and decide to lose weight safely.

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