Natural Alternatives for Acne

Acne can happen to anyone at any age, although most cases are seen in adolescence. Overall, acne is an inflammation issue due to several imbalances of hormones, the gut flora, blood and lymph. A great way to start addressing acne is through colon cleansing and strengthening the liver and kidney. Using healthier fats and taking a probiotic can help as well, especially for those who are prescribed antibiotics for their acne.

For teens, the causes of acne can still be varied, but hormones play the biggest role. Because of this, some herbalists will suggest a sarsaparilla supplement for boys and a dong quai supplement for girls. When cleansing the skin, herbalists suggest using natural products with tea tree oil or bentonite. Even though acne is not caused by poor hygiene, it’s important to keep the skin as clean as possible and not over scrubbing or drying it out as this will cause the skin to produce more oil, leading to more clogged pores.

Having a full comprehensive approach to acne will include more than hoping for a magic pill to clear the skin. Some studies have shown that consuming a healthy Mediterranean diet reduces the overall occurrence of acne because of the high levels of fish oil. Zinc is also a mineral shown to moderately improve acne especially when it is combined with several antibiotic treatments. The protein, Lactoferin, was shown to reduce acne lesions in 77% of patients. Some less proven herbalist suggestions for acne were Vitamin A, Barberry, Green Tea and Seaweed.

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