Let’s Take a Walk Downtown

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

Henry David Thoreau

I love taking morning walks downtown. Our magical little town has one of the best

sidewalk walking trails complete with mile markers and, especially this time of year,

blooming Camellia bushes everywhere. On those walks downtown I imagine future

uses for the buildings that are vacant and the best exterior walls for murals. I say

hello to fellow walkers who have become familiar faces. And, most importantly, I get

outside and get moving.

Walking is a great way to exercise and get your day started with more energy

and an overall better outlook. Not only is walking known to improve mood, it also

helps with balance, coordination and blood pressure. A brisk walking pace can help

with weight loss and bone and muscle strength. Walking is a great way to start a

healthy routine and unlike many other exercises, it’s low impact and there’s no extra

training involved. Walking is perfect for just about anyone.

I usually start my walk in front of City Hall and head towards the Butler

County Courthouse. After looping the courthouse I go back past City Hall all the way

to the train bridge and the Chamber of Commerce building and then back up to City

Hall. It’s an easy walk that takes about 30 minutes if done slowly. If I’m with friends,

we will do that twice. If I’m not with friends, then I will listen to an audio book or

stop to take pictures of unique things I notice on the way. It’s my version of urban

exploration right here in the Camellia City and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect

place to do it.

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