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Kids Supplements for Back To School

So many parents ask me if there are natural supplements to help kids when it's time to go back to school and the answer is YES! You have options when it comes to all kinds of issues for all ages. The main issues I see are Stress, Focus, and Immune Health. Below are the best supplements for each!

  1. Stress Decompress - This is a capsule for the older kids. I sell this at the shop and I have found it works great taken in the morning before school and during stressful times.

2. Kids Stress Relief - This supplement is great for the younger kids because it is a gummy.

3. Kid's Study Support - Attention and Focus - Here's another great gummy that aids in focus and calmer school and study time.

4. Kid's Multivitamin - Liquid - This is a great all-around multivitamin for health that I sell in my shop. Kids love the taste and I have many adults who take it too.

5. Kid's Multivitamin - Chewable - Life Extension is a very popular supplement company in my shop. These multis are great for kids who want a chewable multi.


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