Join The Club

If you never want to be bored again I suggest you join a local club or civic organization. There are several other reasons to become involved in any community, including helping others and avoiding loneliness. We already know this from regular church attendance. In fact, a recent study showed that people who went to church were generally happier than those who didn’t. But church isn’t the only place to find your community.

Our local civics groups, including Rotary, Lions Club and Kiwanis work to help our community through fund raising activities. Members of these groups meet weekly for lunch to listen to interesting speakers and catch up as a group. Our town has a rich history of groups that help the community in many different ways, no matter what your interests might be. From the Sasanqua Garden Club to the Butler County Historical and Genealogical Society, there is some way to get involved and to help this town and your fellow man.

Being active in the community is also good for your health. A 2018 study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that “attending education, arts or music classes was associated with enhanced well-being.” When those activities were associated with well-being, the effect can be even greater. For instance, there are local resources like the Camellia Association of Natural Health for those interested in a holistic approach to life as well as meetings for PTSD sufferers and those fighting addiction. And don’t forget the quilter’s and homemaker’s clubs too.

One great way to improve your overall health and happiness is to get involved, take a class, attend events, stay connected or even start your own club. To be sure, being involved means staying busy and feeling fulfilled.

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