It’s a Great Time to Start a Probiotic

In the most general sense, probiotics are healthy bacteria. Unhealthy bacteria are called pathogenic bacteria. The latest science suggests that there are several important reasons to supplement our microbiome (the gut and the organs that aid in digestion) with these probiotics. Because the modern American diet is full of over-processed and sugar-laden foods, it’s almost impossible to get enough good bacteria from the food that we eat. And without a healthy gut, our other physical systems will begin to show stress and disease more easily. Here are some reasons to start a probiotic regimen now:

It improves mood:

This is the time of year that S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is most prevalent. It’s also the time of year that holiday and family related stress is at its highest. Researchers from the Netherlands recently discovered that of the 40 people they studied for four weeks, those on probiotics had less negative thinking and stress.

It improves overall digestion:

This is the time of year when we typically eat the richest, and most fattening foods. A probiotic can help us digest those not so healthy dishes and also help us jumpstart a weight-loss program at the beginning of they year.

It helps bodies detox:

Several studies have shown that a variety of probiotics help the body with modern day toxic overload, including pesticide and heavy metal exposure.

It helps break down gluten:

Now that some of the proteins in wheat (including gluten) are no longer digestible, healthy probiotic bacteria can help break down the proteins our bodies can’t.

It improves behavior in kids with ADD:

Several studies have shown the correlation between the behavior of kids with ASD and ADD and the level of good bacteria in the gut. Probiotics also aid in the lessening of gut permeability – a common problem with kids who have brain disorders.

Several other studies have explored the overall relationship between gut health and Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and even the prevalence of colds and flus. One thing that most herbalists and naturopaths agree on is the importance of a refrigerated probiotic for maximum effectiveness. A July 2015 study from Nutritional Outlook reported that almost 20% of store-bought brands of shelf-stored probiotics actually contained no viable probiotics at all.

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