In Praise of Pineapple

Tasty and sweet, the Pineapple is an important fruit in this area, not only for the beautiful town it’s named after, but also as a symbol of friendship and hospitality. George Washington named the pineapple his favorite fruit, many years before mass production took place in Hawaii. But by the early 1900s, the Dole family had started canning it to send it to the mainland and abroad.

Pineapple also has many health benefits. First, it is considered a digestive aid that contains healthy fiber and enzymes. The highest levels of these digestive enzymes are present when eaten raw. This fruit contains safe dietary levels of melatonin. It is rich in vitamin C, A and B complex. It also boasts high levels of magnesium, potassium, manganese and copper. Even canned pineapple boasts higher levels of nutrients than some fresh fruits.

One of the biggest health properties of pineapple is bromelain, an anti-inflammatory with soothing properties. This particular enzyme has been shown to safely digest microbes in the bronchial tubes – one reason that pineapple is so good for breathing issues. A 2005 human study suggested that bromelain was an effective treatment for kids with acute sinusitis. In 2007 a study showed positive results in bromelain treating post-operative constipation. Several other studies back up these in the positive uses of pineapple for breathing and digestive issues. With that in mind, consider pineapple as the perfect after-dinner dessert.

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