Healthy Towns

A recent list of the healthiest small towns in America included some of the things we do right here in Greenville and some things we could add to our fair city to help residents become even more health conscious. We already have a great walking trail at Sherling Lake Park and downtown on Commerce Street. We also already have a farmer’s market that offers locally grown food part of the year. Our grocery stores offer more and more organic food options. But did you also know that we have a new Yoga studio opening in mid March?

Several studies have shown that the higher percentage of people in each town who got regular exercise from walking or working out, caused that town to rise in the listings of the healthiest places to live. Some of these were beach towns like St. Augustine, Florida, where people were more likely to walk to the beach daily. Mountain living also made for a healthier population, either through hiking or skiing. Obviously, the better the year-round weather, the more residents were outside and active. Greenville’s climate allows for lots of outdoor activities as well.

It’s not just the local food options and weather that make for a healthier place to live; it’s the attitudes and emphasis on health in general that count too. Some small towns put a public emphasis on smoking cessation programs and ways to avoid diabetes and heart disease. They also encourage parental education when it comes to nutrition and doctor’s visits for kids. Regular check ups and dental health are also emphasized in community centers and schools. Being mindful of healthy options is something any town can do to help citizens look and feel better and live longer.

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