Chris Beat Cancer

In 2003, 23 year-old Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. After a surgery to remove a tumor from his colon, Wark opted to forgo chemotherapy, choosing natural options instead. His personal journey with nutritional based therapy for cancer recovery is documented in the new book, Christ Beat Cancer. This book is not only a first hand account of his own personal journey, but also the latest research into natural healing strategies that incorporate physical healing with mental, emotional and spiritual healing as well.

In his book, Wark admits that he is not against western medicine, but he does believe that “Cancer is a condition created by the body that the body can resolve, if given the proper nutrition and care.” Using his own experience and then bringing in stories from many others like him as well as studies in alternative cancer treatments, Wark reminds us that there is hope even in the darkest diagnosis. He explains in the book’s Introduction, “The purpose of this book is to tell you my story, explain the methods that I and many others have successfully used to heal, and share what I’ve learned about the power of nutrition and lifestyle medicine as well as the pitfalls of the cancer industry.”

I’m often asked for direction when it comes to natural options for cancer. While there is so much being done today with traditional cancer treatments, there is always more we can learn. Many doctors and cancer centers are bringing in natural options like Reiki, sugar-free diets and meditation to supplement their treatments. There are also alternative cancer centers in the United States and abroad. And there are many new books, like Wark’s, that give hope to those dealing with cancer. Wark is just one voice in this patient-centered view on the approach to cancer. As he explains, “What I did, I believe anyone can do.”

Chris Beat Cancer by Chris Wark is published by Hay House and is available at and books stores everywhere.

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