Brain Aging

The latest studies out today are showing that cognitive decline is not necessarily inevitable. In fact, as we mature, there are many things we can do to slow the rate of brain aging. Our brains depend on the nutrients and programming we give them. Staying active and healthy, eating well and cutting sugar out of the diet are some of the first things an herbalist might suggest for healthy brains. Of course, healthy fats go along with that too.

While there is no single answer for everyone, doctors and nutritionists suggest some basic prevention techniques. The first is managing blood pressure. Another is reducing chronic inflammation. One study showed several nutrients that helped with brain performance in adults, including folate, lycopene, vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acid. Often, the results associated with taking natural supplements for brain health were higher when these supplements were taken together. The doctors conducting the study noted that the Mediterranean Diet is associated with most of the nutrients good for optimal brain health.

Even though more people are becoming aware of natural options for brain health, according to the journal, Neurology, the number of Americans diagnosed with dementia will triple by the year 2050. Fortunately, those with dementia are staying functionally independent longer thanks to healthier lifestyles and modern medicine. As people are taking steps to have healthier cardiovascular systems, they are also reducing their risk of memory loss and overall cognitive decline. Just as with any other system in our bodies, how we feed ourselves often will determine how our well our engines and computer systems run.

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