Bath Herbs

A great way to enjoy a healing bath is by using leaves and flowers of plants already growing around you. While perfumed bath bombs or oils can make for a luxurious experience, they can often be made with synthetic materials that can smell nice but can also be harmful, or at the very least, irritating to our skin. We already have the best bath infusions right at our fingertips to use that have proven healing affects and cost nothing.

The next time you are out picking blackberries, grab a few of the leaves to throw in the tub. These leaves in a hot bath can help with skin inflammation and have also been used to soothe and lesson the appearance of acne outbreaks. Chamomile is also excellent for soothing the skin. If you don’t have chamomile growing close to you, just grab a few chamomile tea bags and seep them in the tub with you. Since chamomile is also calming, it’s great to use before bedtime.

For respiratory help, soak with eucalyptus leaves in the tub. A eucalyptus bath can help with congestion and breathing problems. It’s also great to start a day with the invigorating smell of eucalyptus. Rosemary is another herb that’s great to use in an energizing bath. Rosemary is often used for headaches and to help fight fatigue. Just like all the herbs mentioned here, rosemary leaves can be sprinkled straight in the tub and extracted before the water drains, or can be put in a tied cheesecloth or muslin bag to soak in the water.

Two of the easiest herbs to add to a bath are lavender and mint. Lavender flowers are calming like chamomile, but they also have natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties. A lavender bath is also very gentle for children. Mint leaves in a bath are most often used for respiratory health and happiness. In fact, many herbalists suggest combining lavender and mint for a healing and refreshing bath safe for all ages.

Before you throw out any of your herbs this summer, take a bath with them first!

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