Updated: May 16, 2019

Zinc is an essential trace mineral we seldom think about until cold and flu season starts. But there is so much more Zinc does for our health besides prevent and lessen the duration of a cold. Several recent studies on Zinc have shown a variety of ways it can help the body, including boosting stress response in the elderly, reducing the appearance of rosacea, improving age-related macular degeneration, and even recovery from pneumonia.

Many people are deficient in Zinc, and thanks to the modern deficiency of Zinc in crops, we are less and less likely to get it from diet alone. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, is a chelator that binds and blocks Zinc and other minerals. When this herbicide is sprayed on food crops, it prevents Zinc from being absorbed in our bodies. And since the body doesn’t store Zinc it’s a supplement that we need to constantly take in through diet or supplementation. Zinc deficiency is known to contribute to growth retardation in unborn children. A lowered immune system, loss of taste or smell, depression, diarrhea, prostate issues, skin problems, mouth ulcers, and inflammation are just some of the symptoms of Zinc deficiency.

It’s important to remember that foods high in Zinc will only offer absorbable Zinc if they have been grown (or raised) organically – without the herbicides that block Zinc’s bioavailability. This is difficult especially when we consider that red meat is one of the best food sources of Zinc. Legumes are high in Zinc as well as pumpkin seeds, and some nuts. Dairy and eggs can also provide Zinc as long as they are sourced organically. For most of us. finding safe food sources of minerals is difficult, so supplementation may be the best bet. Here it’s also important to find companies that offer Zinc from reliable and safe sources. A cheap Zinc supplement may have been mined from China or Namibia, and offer little value for the customer. Remember that with all supplements and food, cheaper is rarely better.

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